Wether it is still photography, or video, there is always a story to tell. Jan Malmgren has been involved in video production for many years, and have contributed to making historical footage available to the public. It has always been about educating and informing about nature and culture, as well as topics of environmental concern. A few examples are available on this page.


THE NATURE OF LEKEBERG. A documentary film about the fantastic natural resources in Lekeberg, south-central Sweden. It aims to educate residents in the community of the importance to protect and restore habitats, and how valuable they are for nature, the ecosystem and for recreative purposes. In the film, a number of important areas for nature and culture are shown, along with wildlife - including the natural voices of a pack of wolves with cubs in Kilsbergen. The documentary is filmed across an entire year, showing the various seasons, and how they progress in Lekeberg.

Credits: The documentary was produced by Jan Malmgren / JM Natur for Lekebergs kommun (2008). Idea and manuscript by Jan Malmgren, as well as filming, music, narration and editing. Photo of deer courtesy of Jonas Forsberg/N. Thomas Kullberg, Johan Törnblom, Leif Bertilsson, Rikard Södergren and Dag Stranneby acted as a reference group. With financial support from Lekebergs kommun, LONA / Lokala Naturvårdssatsningen, Länsstyrelsen i Örebro län, Lekebergs Sparbank, Hasselberga Sport & Reklam AB, AB Fjugesta Elektriska, Hans Erik's Allservice and Fjugesta Järn & Färg AB.

Info: Swedish speech. Length: 22 min. All rights reserved 2008, Jan Malmgren / JM Natur and Lekebergs kommun.


WATERWAYS. A documentary film about how water from the highlands of Kilsbergen, travels down to the farmlands, through the city of Örebro, and towards lake Hjälmaren - in south-central Sweden. The film portrays how the water is affected by the surroundings of the watersheds it passes on its way, showing wildlife and ecosystems.

Credits: The documentary was produced by Jörgen Widmark for Luppen Naturfilm (2005), based on an idea and early manuscript by Jan Malmgren, adapted by Jörgen Widmark. Filmed by Stefan Eriksson, Henrik Alvelöv, Jan Malmgren and Jörgen Widmark. Edited by Henrik Alvelöv and Jörgen Widmark. Music by Jens Lönnberg. Narrated by Henrik Alvelöv. Graphics and animations by Henrik Alvelöv and Jörgen Widmark. Financial support was provided by Film i Örebro län, Vilt- och naturvårdskommittén, Regionutveckling Örebro Läns Landsting, Hopajola, Örebro kommun, Örebro universitet and NBV Örebro.

Info: Swedish speech. Length: 29 min. All rights reserved 2005, Luppen Film (Jörgen Widmark, Jan Malmgren, Henrik Alvelöv).


This black and white documentary, filmed in 1927 by photographer Henrik Dieden (who also appears in the film), shows the second successful reintroduction of the beaver in Närke, south-central Sweden, after the species had been extinct for decades. It is of great historic significance, since the first reintroduction (in 1922) was not documented in the same detail.

Credits: The film is shown with permission from the owners of the original film (Gustaf Dieden, through Casimir Wrede). The film is silent, but classic silent movie music from the era has been added in post (written by Sam Fox, performed by Rodney Sauer), as well as titles and credits. This version of the documentary has been adapted to digital media from VHS tape, and edited by Jan Malmgren (2006). Teaser photo courtesy of Niklas Hamann, Unsplash.

Info: Swedish text, no speech. Length: 14 min. Film material owned by Gustaf Dieden, courtesy of Casimir Wrede.