About me

My name is Jan Malmgren, and I live in Sweden. I got my first camera when I was around 6 or 7 years old, in the early 70's. It was a cheap and plastic blue "Diana" clone, and with it I ventured out on my life-long journey into photography. From then on, cameras have always been around, and I learned the magic the old way - film in camera, spending countless hours in the school b&w darkroom when I grew older. Combined with my interest for the outdoors, traveling and nature, photography also became part of my professional career as a conservation ecologist. I made the switch from analog film to digital photography in 2003, and have not looked back since.
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LEFT: Me and my Mom, around 1973. I am fashionably equipped in diving gear for the occasion. RIGHT: From the same year. My first "saved" photo, taken with a cheap plastic blue "Diana" clone camera, showing a white wagtail on the lawn. The photo displays the characteristic aberrations these little cheap cameras produced, along with sun flares. These artefacts are hip today, with the entire genre of lomography devoted to trying to mimic them. I was clearly ahead of my time…
I have a PhD in Ecology, and with it, years of experience with teaching, supervising and mentoring university students and graduates. I have written several reports and research papers on topics such as conservation, evolution and animal ecology. Today, my daytime job is focused on leadership towards a sustainable future. I regard myself as multidisciplinary, and typically apply a holistic approach to challenges we face. This is my inner driving force as an ecologist and photographer - and human being.

I am located in Varberg, on the south-west coast of Sweden. Hence, my photography takes much of its inspiration from coastal landscapes, where it is easy to be absorbed by both the beauty and the brute force of the sea. Throughout my life the arts and sciences have prevailed, and nature, photography and music still provides my main sources of inspiration, and for recharging my creative batteries. I am not working as a pro photographer now, although I did run my own photography business/studio for about 15 years. I try to slow down and apply a mindful approach to my photography, and consider being out in the landscape meditative and a good exercise for body and soul. Although I mainly focus on personal projects now, I am always open to suggestions for feature and travel photography, portraits, an occasional wedding session, giving workshops, courses and lectures, or any other adventure that might come in my direction.
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