My name is Jan Malmgren. I am a Photographer with a Ph.D. in Ecology from Örebro University in south-central Sweden. I have years of experience with teaching, supervising and mentoring university students and graduates, and have written several reports and research papers on topics such as conservation, evolution and animal ecology, but that's another story. Today, my daytime job is within the realms of strategic regional leadership towards a sustainable future. I am truly multidisciplinary, and find it useful to apply a holistic view to the challenges we face for the future of all life on Earth. This is my inner driving force as an ecologist and photographer - and human being.

I am located in Varberg, on the south-west coast of Sweden. Hence, my photography takes much of its inspiration from coastal landscapes, where it is easy to be absorbed by both the beauty and the brute force of the sea. Throughout my life the arts and sciences have prevailed and nature, photography and music still provides my main sources of inspiration, and for recharging my creative batteries. I am not working as a pro photographer now, although I did run my own photography business/studio for about 15 years. I try to apply a mindful approach to my photography, and consider being out in the landscape meditative. Although I mainly focus on personal projects, I am always open to suggestions for feature and travel photography, portraits, an occasional wedding session, or any other adventure that might come in my direction.

I am open to give workshops and courses in landscape and portrait photography, and although I don't offer this on a regular basis, you are encouraged to get in touch if you are interested. Feel free to enjoy my photography, and my reflections about life as we know it.
Jan Malmgren