Jan Malmgren (b. 1967, Örebro) is a Swedish Photographer with a PhD in Ecology. He lives in Lidköping (previously Varberg and Örebro), in the south-west of Sweden, and has been photographing for well over four decades.

Jan is a proficient photographer and writer, as well as an appreciated and award-winning lecturer and speaker. He is motivated by making captivating photographs, and by telling the story behind them, sharing the awe and inspiration he felt when making them.

- "I have certainly matured as a photographer. This means I have slowed down, and become much more aware of how to visualize what I see before even picking up the camera from my bag. Call it 'slow photography', if you will. To me, it's a creative and inspiring process. Being outdoors, enjoying nature and making photographs is all about self-expression. I create fine art that speaks to me, first and foremost. If I get to share my work with others, it doubles the joy. It's as simple as that."
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